Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Queen Bee

Written by: D’be-D’be

Taking a deep breath and making sure his tie was straight and his zipper zipped, Hotch knocked on the door and then waited a few seconds before opening it and stepping across the threshold to hell.

"Agent Hotchner," Strauss stated from behind her desk, not even looking up from her paperwork to acknowledge the man standing before her.

"Ma’am" Hotchner replied and remained standing while he waited.

Finally she looked up and pointed towards the chair. "Have a seat, Agent Hotchner. I will be with you in a minute or two. I just have to finish this report that has to be on the Director’s desk by three o'clock.”

"I understand," was Hotch's only reply as he took the seat. His dark eyes scanned the room and finally settled back onto the Supervisor’s face. He noticed that she began to squirm a little in her seat as she became aware of Hotchner’s eyes on her.

She tried to ignore those dark, piercing eyes looking her way, but when she began loosing her concentrating on the work in front of her, she gave up. Letting out a slow sigh, Straus stood up and walked around the desk until she reached the agent sitting in front of her.

Instead of taking the other chair, she chose to stand and hover over Hotchner, trying to regain some of the power she felt she’d lost by his stare.

Hotch looked at his watch and let out an impatient sigh.

"Am I keeping you from something, Agent?"

"As a matter of fact, Ma'am, you are. We just got a new case, and Agent Jereau is waiting to bring us up to speed."

"I know and that's what I want to talk to you about. I've decided to accompany you and your team on this one."

Hotchner almost chocked on his spit as the shock hit him that this woman he loathed was coming with him on this case.

"Ma'am, there's no need for you to do that. I can keep you informed on a daily basis if you wish, but...."

"I didn't give you this information to invite a discussion, Agent Hotchner. I've been given a directive from the Director that I have to become more familiar with investigation procedures, so I will be joining you. Shall we go to the debriefing?"

Hotch stood and followed her out the door. When she walked over to give her secretary instructions, Hotch took the opportunity to call Rossi. All he said was ‘Queen Bee is leaving the hive.’ He knew Rossi would understand and pass on the message to the rest of the team.

He hoped she didn’t spot him putting his phone back in his shirt pocket as she walked towards him. If she did, she didn’t acknowledge it. Hotch didn’t say a word in the elevator, instead he just starred straight ahead. He knew this was annoying the Supervisor to no end and he loved it. It felt like the longest elevator ride in history. Finally the doors opened and always the gentleman, Hotch stood aside to let Straus exit first. She didn’t even nod a thank you.

‘What a Bitch!’ Hotch thought as he followed her up the stairs to the debriefing room. His team looked up just as Strauss walked in. Their eyes went to Hotch and gave their Unit Chief a sympathetic look.

Rossi stood and held out his hand. “To what do we owe this pleasure, Erin?” he asked, getting joy out of the pissed off look in her eyes at the gall of Rossi to address her by her first name and not her title.

Instead of answering the Senior Agent, she turned to Hotchner. “Please explain my presence to your team, Unit Chief.” The people around the table couldn’t help but hear her condescending tone.

Hotch walked around the table to stand in front of the room. “Supervisor Strauss will be joining us on this assignment. She informed me that she will be in an observatory role only and I am still in charge of the team.” He waited for any questions or comments then after receiving neither, he turned to JJ. The floor is yours, Agent.”

Jereau cleared her throat before turning her gaze towards the observation screen on the wall. With a click of the remote, a picture of an obviously a dead man came up. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties or early forties and was lying face up on the ground of a dark alley. A rainbow flag was draped over his naked form.

The blond media liaison began her summation. “Phil Victors, age 41, was found last night by a local security guard making his hourly rounds. Mr. Victors was beaten severely around the face and torso and he was castrated. It is unknown at the present time if the castration was done post modem or if the victim was still alive.”

“Have the local authorities figured out the significant of the rainbow flag?” Dr. Spencer Reid asked.

“The area where Victors was found is reportedly the local area of the gay community. This is starting to look like a hate crime,” she answered.

“Why are we being called in?” Derek Morgan asked.

“Well it seems the Mobile Police Department didn’t think they had a problem in that area until Mr. Victors turned up. It seems he is the fourth victim of this un-sub.”

“Well ladies and gentlemen,” Hotch stated as he stood up. “Grab your go-bags, we’re heading for Alabama.”

Strauss didn’t say a word as she looked around at the team. Instead she did as the others by grabbing her suitcase and heading out the door.


On the jet, she sat by herself working on some paperwork. This suited the rest of the team just fine as they sat around discussing strategy.

“Rossi, you and I will go the crime scene,” Hotch began laying out their assignments. “JJ, I want you to start making contact with the local press. The rest of you go check in with the local department and get things set up.” He then turned to Strauss, who had stopped what she was doing to listen to Hotchner. “Do you wish to go the hotel and check us in Ma’am?” he asked.

“No, Agent Hotchner, I do not. I will accompany you and Agent Rossi to the crime scene.”

“Suit yourself. Emily, will you check us in before you join Morgan and Reid?”

“Anything you say, Boss,” Prentess gave Hotchner her most endearing smile. Hotch gratefully returned it; well half a smile at least.

“Okay, people, take the time we have before we land to relax and get your head wrapped around this case,” he ordered before turning to Rossi. “May I have a word in private with you, David?”

“Of course, Hotch,” Rossi replied as he led the way to the back seats.

When they were alone, Hotch leaned in and spoke in a low voice so their conversation couldn’t be overheard. "I don’t think it would be a wise move for us to be together this trip, not with HER around.”

“Nonsense, we will still have adjoining rooms and we’ll be discreet. I’m not going to let her spoil our time together.”

“But….” Hotchner began to protest.

“No buts about it. The subject is not up for debate. Now why don’t you close your eyes and get a little shut eye? Because I can almost guarantee you won’t be getting too much sleep tonight.” Rossi gave Hotch a quick wink and let out a slow chuckle as he noticed his Brat’s face turn crimson. What Hotch didn’t realize was that the moment he and Rossi moved to the back, Strauss hadn’t taken her eyes off the pair. She suspected something about their relationship but couldn’t quiet put her finger on it. She convinced herself that she would by the time the case was solved.


Rossi led the way down the alley way, with Hotch close behind and Strauss taking up the rear. Detective Sloan was waiting for them and after the introductions were complete, he filled the FBI Agents in on the details.

“Just down the street is a bar called ‘Over the Rainbow’. It’s a local hangout for the gay element. According to witnesses, Victors left the bar around 12:30 am with another man. They looked cozy. The waitress stated although Victors was a regular, the man he left with had only started coming in four weeks ago; just around the time the first murder took place.”

“Can she describe this man?” Hotch asked.

“Not really. She stated the place is always crowed on the weekends and she doesn’t pay attention to the men who come in there. She confessed she pays more attention to the women. All she could tell me for sure is that he was white, blond, and around six feet. I’m sending a couple of my officers there tonight to question some of the locals to see if they can be any more help.”

“Thank you, Detective.” Hotch turned to his partner. “Rossi, do you mind taking a look at this bar and talk to the staff once more. I, along with Supervisor Strauss, will accompany the detective back to the squad room to up-date the rest of the team.”

Detective Sloan sensed a slight reluctance in the woman’s part, but she just nodded then made her way to the squad car.


Rossi stood in the entry way of the dimmed bar room to allow his eyes to adjust. The sound of a country love song was coming from the surround sound speakers mounted on the ceiling. He saw two men dancing in the corner, holding on to each other in romantic embrace as their bodies swayed to the beat of the bass guitar. How he envied their openness. If only he could take Hotch out in public like this, but for right now he knew that was impossible.

He spotted the bartender coming from the back carrying an empty beer case. She stopped picking up the empty bottles to stare back at the man standing by the doorway.

“May I help you, mister?” she asked.

“I hope you can. Are you the bartender who was duty the last night when Phil Victor was here?”

“What’s it to you anyway? Are you a scorn lover or something?”

“No, I’m the FBI and I’m looking into the murder, or should I say murders that have been taking place around here.”

“Oh, you mean someone is finally giving a damn about what is going on in our community?”

Rossi sat down on one of the barstools and asked if he could have a beer. The lady told him the bar wasn’t open yet but she offered him a cup of coffee. Rossi stated that would be fine. After taking a sip of the hot liquid, he took out his note book and began his questioning.

“I know the gay community feels ignored by the local police department, but believe me there are some in the force that recognize the possibility of there being a serial killer out there targeting gay men. I can reassure you the FBI will do everything to bring this unknown subject to justice.”

Sensing Rossi’s sincerity, she relaxed and joined him in a cup of coffee. “Okay, Agent, ask away.”

“You told Detective Sloan that Victors was a regular, right?”

“Yes, he called in every night after work to see if he could take something home for dessert.”

“How did that work out for him?”

“Well let’s just say his sweet tooth was being satisfied on a regular basis.”

Rossi let out a chuckle as his eyes once again fell on the couple dancing in the corner. “Are those two regulars as well?”

“Oh yeah, Mark and Adam are here almost every night. They own the place.”

“Do you think it would be possible to speak with them?”

“Sure.” She reached under the bar to turn down the music so the men could hear themselves being summoned.

“Hey boys, you got company. Come over and say hello to ….. What’s your name again?”

Rossi realized he had forgotten to show his identification, so he pulled out his ID and placed it on the bar. “I’m David Rossi, Special Agent with the Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI.”

“Boys, come over and say hello to David Rossi, FBI.”

The two men came over to him with hands outstretched. “Welcome to ‘Over the Rainbow’, Agent. My name is Adam Curtis and this is my partner, both in life and in business, Mark Pavilion.”

Rossi shook their offered hands. “It’s a pleasure. Do you mind answering a couple of questions about Victors?”

“Not at all, we’re appalled that these men are being lured out of our bar by some madman. We will cooperate in every way possible.”

“We were told that Victors was a regular but the man he left with was fairly new to the place, is that right?”

“That’s absolutely right, handsome,” Adam offered. “I think I first spotted the young man about four or five weeks ago.”

“Did anything about this new man strike you as odd? Did something he wore, said or do, stand out to you?”

The two men looked at each other for a few moments. It seemed to Rossi as if they were deciding whether to divulge some information.

Finally Mark shrugged. “Well, David, is it okay if I call you David?” When Rossi nodded in the affirmative, Mark continued. “Well David, Adam and I also take notice of new men who come in here. We watch them for a little while just to make sure that they’re not here to make trouble or cause a scene of some kind. What we noticed about this man is that he had a particular type.”

“A particular type? What type would that be?” Rossi asked.

“He went after dark-haired men with dark brown eyes, who were well-groomed and well put together,” Adam responded this time.

“I particularly noticed,” Mark added, “because as you can see, Adam just described himself to a ‘T’ and I was going to make sure to protect what’s mine.”

Rossi’s lips curved into a grin as he thought how he would do the same if he and Hotch came in here, because the un-sub’s type also described Rossi’s partner to a ‘T’ as well.

“So he singled Victors out?”

“You could say that. He would roam around the place just looking and if his type came in, he made his move. Some nights all we had in here were blonds or red heads, so he wouldn’t stay long. Other nights, all we had in here were brunettes and that’s when he’d really start cruising until his pick-up line and charm hit home with a certain individual.”

Rossi wrote this information down in his notebook then placed it along with his pen in his jacket inside pocket. Next he pulled out his card and asked the men if they spotted that man in here again, to call the local precinct and ask for himself or Det. Sloan.

“Are you sure you can’t stay for a drink? It’s on the house,” Adam invited, giving Rossi a real look over.

“Thank you, but I’m on duty. I’d like a rain check, if that’s possible?”

“Whenever it’s convenient, David. We’re usually always here from opening to close.”

Rossi thanked them again as he shook their hands. He left the bar and made his way back to the station.


Meanwhile back at the station the rest of the team was looking over the case files. Strauss was studying the evidence board. She kept looking at the pictures of the victims. Something was nagging at her about them but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. When Hotchner came over to stand beside her, it suddenly hit her. All the victims held a very strong resemblance to Aaron Hotchner. They were all tall, with dark hair and dark brown eyes. Their hair even fell over their foreheads in just the same manner as Hotchner’s did. Even their manner of dress matched the agents. She looked around for an empty office. Locating one in the corner, she asked the Unit Chief to join her.

‘What did I do now?’ Hotch thought as he followed his supervisor into the office. He wasn’t expecting the words that came out of her mouth.

“Agent Hotchner, have you ever done undercover work?”

“Yes, when I was in the Seattle field office I did some undercover work involving a drug operation. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve really studied the victims’ pictures but if you do, you will notice you meet the profile. I believe that this un-sub is after a particular looking man and I’m wondering if you would be willing to go undercover at the ‘Over the Rainbow’ bar and see if the un-sub will pick you up?”

Hotchner sat there in silence, absorbing what she had suggested. The thought of going undercover excited him. It was a chance to do more than just profile. He would have a one-on-one chance to nab the un-sub in action. “I think that’s a great idea, Supervisor. I think I may enjoy it.”

“Do you think you wouldn’t be too uncomfortable in a gay bar?”

Hotch was very careful in his answer. He wasn’t quite sure if this woman had just suggested he go undercover to set a trap for him. He was almost positive she didn’t suspect that he was gay, but he wasn’t 100% sure either.

“Uh….well maybe a little bit, but that may prove to our advantage. If the un-sub sees me as insecure, he may think I’m vulnerable and open to his charms.”

“That’s a good point, Aaron.” She moved to stand in front of him. “You know this may be dangerous. This man has a hate for the gay element and you would have to lead him on a little and follow him out of the bar. We would have to catch him in the process of the crime. If we arrest him at the bar, he could plead entrapment.”

“I understand that, Supervisor Strauss, but I can take of myself and the rest of the team will be close by.”


Rossi entered the squad room and looked around the room for Hotch. Not finding him, he walked over to Morgan and asked him where the Unit Chief was.

“He had a private conversation with Strauss then stated he was going back to the hotel.”

“Did he say why he was going back to the hotel?”

“Not a word. I guess you’ll have to ask Strauss.”

“I’ll just do that. Thanks, Derek.”

Rossi walked into the room where Strauss was, without knocking.

“May I help you, Agent?”

“Do you know why Hotch went back to the hotel?”

“Yes, I do. He’s gone to get ready to go the ‘Under the Rainbow’ bar. I’m sending him undercover.”

“You’re what?”

Strauss noticed that Rossi’s voice rose in anger. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this fact or not, Agent Rossi, but the victims all have a resemblance to Agent Hotchner. That is why I suggested he go under cover at the bar to see if we can lure the un-sub out into the open.”

“You ordered him to put himself in danger?” Again Rossi’s voice was tempered with anger.

“I did not order him, David. I merely mentioned it to him and he jumped at the idea.”

The thought of Aaron being placed in danger made Rossi’s heart pound with fear. “Well I want you to get him back here and tell him there has been a change in plans. We’ll come up with another way to catch this scumbag.”

“Are you suggesting that Agent Hotchner can’t handle himself? After all, he is a seasoned agent with a lot of experience and training.”

“I’m not saying Aaron can’t handle himself, Erin. What I am saying is, I don’t think it’s wise to place him in a situation where there is such a definite change of danger.”

“Oh dear God, I have another Gideon on my hands.”

“What does that mean?”

“He was also very protective of Agent Hotchner. Why do you feel you have to protect him, Agent Rossi? Is there something you wish to share with me?”

Rossi took a deep breath. He had let his fear for Hotchner’s safety show in his voice. He was going to have to be more careful. “Look, I’d feel the same if any member of the team was going undercover with no plan in place. I guess I’m a little more concerned over Hotch because he has a son who needs him.” Rossi hoped that reasoning explained his concern.

“Well, Agent Rossi, I feel we have the best chance of catching this un-sub by sending Agent Hotchner in. I suggest you and your team get plan in order. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to finish up.”

Rossi stared her down for a minute and as he left the room he turned to her and stated, “You know something, Strauss? You were a bitch when I was here ten years ago and now that they promoted you, you’ve become the ‘Queen Bitch’.” He didn’t wait for her response; nor did he look back at her reaction to his comment. He simply walked out and told the team he’d be back. He then left for the hotel to have a talk with his Brat.

Had he looked back, Rossi would have noticed the satisfied smug look on the woman’s face. She had hit a nerve and she was feeling very proud of herself.


Rossi found Hotch in his room, getting dressed for his rendezvous with the un-sub. The younger man had on a black pair of jeans, a white shirt with an open collar and a black leather blazer. On his feet he was sporting black leather boots. Rossi felt a stir in his loins as he took in the sexy sight in front of him.

“Hi, Dave. Do you think I look good enough to entice a psychopath?”

“Definitely! Too bad you went to all the expense and time getting ready, because you’re not going.”

“What do you mean, I’m not going? Of course I’m going. As a matter of fact, I’m excited about going undercover.”

“That may be, Aaron, but I forbid you to go. We can send in one of the local cops.”

“Don’t you think I can take of myself?”

“It’s not a matter of whether you can do it or not. The point is, I’m not allowing you to try.”

Hotch got his dander up as he began to pace back and forth. “Look, Dave, I can do this. I want to do it and I don’t think you have the right to stop me. Now I’m going back to the station and work out a plan of action with the rest of the team. If you want to join us, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. As your Unit Chief, I’m telling you I’m going; end of discussion.”

“So that’s the way you want it, is it? You want to play king of the mountain?” Rossi noticed Hotch’s face pale a little as the older man moved closer. “Well my precious Brat, I’m here to remind you that Top out ranks Unit Chief. If you want push to come to shove, I think we both know the outcome of that little game, don’t we?”

Hotch sat down on the side of the bed, his eyes downcast. He sat there for a moment, his mind racing and trying to think of a way he could make this work. Suddenly it came to him. He’d let Rossi think he gave in to his order. After Rossi left he would call Morgan to get a plan together for an undercover sting. He would go directly to the bar and wait for the un-sub to make his move. After the killer was caught, Rossi would see how he handled himself and he would realize he was wrong in his order for Hotch to stay away from the bar. It would all work out, but Hotch would soon learn to regret making that plan.

Hotch looked up at his Top and gave him a warm smile. “You’re right, David. You’re the boss and I’m sorry I tried to use my position as the team leader to make my point. I’ll call Strauss and tell her to choose someone else.”

Rossi sat down next to his Brat and placed an arm around his shoulder. “I’m glad you see in my way, baby. By the way, you look damn sexy in those threads so don’t return them. I’m sure we can find some other use for them.”

Hotch smiled again as he placed his head onto Rossi’s shoulder. Rossi placed a finger under Hotch’s chin so he could plant a warm lingering kiss on his lips. Their lips pressed together in hot passion and Rossi’s hand roamed down to give Hotch a ‘promise of things to come’ squeeze. Hotch let out a moan as his body responded to Rossi’s touch.

Rossi pushed away and removed his hand. “We don’t have time for this right now, but don’t forget where we left off so we can pick this up later.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget,” Hotch replied as he watched Rossi get up and make his way to the door.

“Okay, Aaron, why don’t you get changed while I head back to the station? Meet me back there and we’ll all work out a plan, okay?”


Rossi wasn’t out the door three seconds when Hotch picked up the phone to call Strauss and tell him he was on his way to the bar and that she should get the team together to work out a back-up plan. Hotch knew if he went back to the police station as ordered, Rossi wouldn’t let him leave. He’d have to trust Rossi and the team to come up with a plan so his back would be covered. He realized he wasn’t giving them much time, but time was running out on some innocent man out there and Hotch didn’t want to waste any more valuable time.


Emily Prentess looked up as Rossi walked up to her. She was on the speaker phone with Garcia and he overheard the tech specialist say something about being able to keep track of Hotch by using the GPS on his cell.

“What is she talking about, Emily? Why does she have to keep track of Hotch?”

Prentess gave Rossi a confused look. Surely he knows about the sting operation. She was about to answer him when Morgan piped in.

“Hotch just called. He’s just walking into the bar now. Prentess, you go over and join him. Remember sit at the bar and keep on eye on things. Strauss and I will be in the SUV observing who comes and goes. We’ll also be ready to follow Hotch if and when he leaves the bar. Sweet Stuff, when we get in place I’ll contact you about the tracking, okay?”

“Whatever you say, sugar,” Garcia replied.

“Rossi, shouldn’t you be at your position?”

Rossi was having a very difficult time keeping his anger in check. That Brat of his had deliberately disobeyed his orders by playing sweet and agreeable until the minute Rossi was out of the room, then he kept on doing exactly what he was forbidden to do.

‘Those pants better have a nice cushion seat in them,’ Rossi thought. ‘Because when I get Hotch alone, he’s going to need some extra padding to enable him to sit comfortably.’

“I’d be in my position if I knew where that was?” Rossi snapped out.

“Oh I’m sorry, Dave. I thought Hotch would have filled you in. Reid and you are to be at the bar. The owners worked it out that you could sit in their office and observe events through the security system.”

“Reid can do that. I’m going to be sitting at the bar along with Emily.”

“Sir, no offense, but you were already there and they know you are an FBI agent. If the un-sub is tipped off, that might ruin the plan.”

“The only ones there when I was were the bartender and the owners, so I don’t think there’s too much chance for disclosure.”

“But Hotch’s orders are…..” Morgan tried to continue but Rossi cut him off.

“I don’t give a damn what Hotch’s orders are. I’m sitting in the bar and that’s final!”

“Fine, suit yourself. You’ll have to take it up with Hotch, because I’m not getting involved with that.”

“Oh don’t worry, Derek. I definitely plan on taking this matter up with Hotch the minute I get a change.”

Prentess gave Reid an ‘I wouldn’t want to be in Hotch’s shoes’ look as he joined the discussion. Reid gave her an understanding nod. By Rossi’s tone he had a feeling that discussion would not be a pleasant one for their Unit Chief.

Strauss came out of her office. “Okay, team, let’s role. Agent Hotchner is waiting.”

“Come on, Spencer. Let’s get going,” Rossi ordered as he followed Strauss out the door.


Hotch hung up from speaking to Prentess as he walked into the bar. He had to admit he was a little nervous. He had never been in a gay bar before so he didn’t know what to expect or how to act. He let his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room. When they had, he looked around for a corner table. A tall dark haired man walked over to him and took his hand.

“Hi there, my name is Adam and you must be Aaron. Your friend Derek told me to expect you.”

Hotch appreciated the co-owner’s discretion. In a very subtle way, he was letting Hotch know that he knew about the operation and that everything was in place.

“Come and sit yourself down at the best table in the place. It is strategically placed so you can see and be seen. What can I get you from the bar?”

“A beer would be nice. Whatever you have on tap will be fine.” Hotch took his seat and let his eyes scan the room. There were male couples dancing to their favorite country tunes, while others were making out in the corner. He observed some couples making their way to a back room and could only imagine what was going on behind those heavy black curtains. Four women were sitting at the bar deep in conversation, while others were just sitting around looking for some action.

The door opened and Hotch’s heart began to pound loudly in his chest as he observed Rossi make his way into the room.

Rossi gave Hotch a cold stare as he made his way to the bar.

A few seconds later the door opened again as Prentess walked in. She didn’t even glance Hotch’s way but she made sure she gave the women at a corner table a warm smile.

Hotch began to sweat as he felt Rossi’s eyes barring into the back of his head. He turned to give him a smile and a wink.

Rossi lifted his glass and gave it a tap on the side. His meaning was so obvious, Hotch almost jumped out of his seat and run for the door. He managed to calm himself down however. He knew he had to focus on the here and now, so he did his best to get Rossi out of his mind.

Hotch was sitting for about a half an hour and three men had tried to hit on him. Knowing they didn’t fit the profile, Hotch smiled as sweetly as he could and politely turned them down. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. Rossi held his hand out and asked him to dance. Hotch hesitated at first but decided it was a perfect cover to discuss whether they should stay or call it a night. As the words of ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar rang through the speakers, Hotch allowed Rossi to lead him across the dance floor. For the rest of the team’s sake, they pretended to be awkward as to who was going to lead.

Reid smiled to himself, as did Prentess when Rossi took the lead and pulled Hotch close by wrapping his arms around his Brat’s waist. Hotch wrapped his arms around Rossi’s neck and dropped his head on his Top’s shoulder. They moved in perfect rhythm with the beat of the music. Rossi’s hands moved up and down Hotch’s back as he whispered in his left ear.

To anyone who observed the pair, it looked like the older man was whispering sweet nothings into the other’s ears. “I’m not sure the un-sub is going to show up tonight, Hotch. We’ll give it thirty more minutes and if he doesn’t show up by then, we’ll call it a night.”

“Dave, I’m sorry I disobeyed…”

Rossi cut him off. “We’ll discuss that later. Right now, let’s concentrate on catching this scumbag.” He moved his hands down to cup Hotch’s backside and pull him closer.

“What are you doing? Everyone is looking, especially Prentess and Reid.”

“Don’t worry about it. They’ll just think we’re really getting into the part.”

The song finally ended. The two men pulled apart and after a deep stare of promises to come, they parted ways. Hotch returned to his table and ordered another beer. Rossi joined Prentess at the bar.

“Wow, that was hot!” she stated. “You two looked awesome together.”

“Think we convinced everyone we belong in here?”

“I’d say mission accomplished.”

They shared a laugh as they noticed a tall dark haired man approach their Unit Chief. He fit the profile to a ‘T’.

Reid notified Strauss and Morgan about the possibility of the un-sub approaching Hotchner. The whole team went on higher alert, ready to move into action when needed.


Hotch looked up at the man standing in front of him.

“Hi there, cutie. I couldn’t help but notice what a great dancer you are. May I buy you a drink?”

“Uh…sure… beer on tap please.”

The stranger motioned to the waiter as he sat down. “My name is Colin. What’s yours?”

“Uh….my…uh….it’s Aaron.”

“Are you nervous, Aaron?”

“It shows eh? I’m sorry but I’m new in the gay bar scene.”

“Just came out did you?”

“No, I’ve been out for a while now but I was with someone for a long time. He recently left me, so now I have to start the dating game all over again. I’m afraid I’m not very good at this it.”

“Well, Aaron, you don’t have to be nervous with me. I promise you’ll have a good time this evening.” He reached over and brushed the hair off the agent’s forehead then ran a finger down his cheek.

“You are one sexy individual, Aaron. Those dark eyes of yours are really turning me on.”

Hotch conveniently blushed at the complement and cast his eyes down in a humble and shy gesture as he mumbled, “Thank you.”

The man then placed his hand on Hotch’s leg and began to rub it in a sensuous manner. Before Hotch could stop him, he placed his hand between his legs and gave Hotch a squeeze.

It took everything Rossi had, not to jump off the stool and punch the scumbag in the face. ‘Control yourself, Rossi! Don’t blow this sting.’

“Hey Aaron,” the un-sub huskily whispered. “What do you say to you and me blowing this joint?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“My apartment is only a few blocks away. Let’s take a walk in the moonlight to my place.”

“A walk in the moonlight; sounds romantic.”

“Oh yeah. Come on, sweetness, what do you say?”

“I say let’s go.” Hotch let the man pay the bar bill then taking his outstretched hand, he allowed himself to be led out the door.


“Heads up, Ma’am,” Morgan told Strauss as he observed Hotch being led down the walkway.

They watched the stranger put his arm around Hotch’s waist as they walked away from the bar. Morgan started the engine while Strauss alerted Garcia to keep a diligent eye on the agent’s GPS.

In a few moments they spotted Rossi and Prentess leave the premises to tailgate the two men. Morgan pulled out and slowly made his way down the street.

As Hotch and the un-sub approached an alley, Colin pushed him against the wall. His kind, sensuous manner abruptly turned into that of a belligerent, angry animal.

“You queer son of a bitch! You can’t wait to get your tight little ass fucked, can you? Well I have a surprise for you, sugar. Not only are you going to get yourself fucked, you’re going to get the beating of your life to go along with it. Then after I’m done with you, I’m sorry to say I’m going to take your manhood away from you.”

Hotch began struggling with him, but the un-sub proved to be stronger than he looked. Hotch felt a hard punch land on his left cheek, knocking him back against the alley wall. His breath was taken away as that blow was followed by two quick punches to the stomach.

“You pansies are always teasing us straight guys with your tight pants and come on looks to try to bring us into your world. Well it’s my responsibility to get rid of every one of you tempting whores.”

“Look Mister, you’re the one who came on to me. I think you really want to experience sex with a man.” Hotch spit his words out between gasps of pain.

“You little asshole!” Once again Hotch felt the blow of a hard slap across the face. “I’m going to enjoy doing you more that I did the others. They were begging and crying at this point, but you’re trying to stand up to me. I think there’s a real man hiding behind your sickening lifestyle.”

He smacked Hotch again then began pulling at his jeans. He had the belt undone and the zipper pulled down when he heard a click. He stopped what he was doing and slowly turned around to see five FBI Agents with guns drawn, standing in the entrance of the alley.

“If I were you,” Prentess shouted, “I’d step away from that man and get on your belly with your hands stretched out in front of you.”

The un-sub hesitated for a moment, but it was long enough for Hotch to grab him behind the neck to push him to the ground.

“You heard the lady, scumbag, on your belly. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m an undercover FBI Agent as well. We set a trap for you and like the perverted sub-human you are, you fell right into it.”

Morgan threw his handcuffs over to the Unit Chief who cuffed the un-sub, all the while reading him his rights.

As Morgan, Prentess and Reid hauled the screaming man away, Strauss and Rossi approached the dark haired agent leaning against the wall. He was bleeding from the corner of his mouth and a dark bruise was beginning to form on his cheek.

“Well, Agent Hotchner, you did a fine job capturing our predator. It’s too bad he messed up your face in the process.”

Rossi did his best to keep his shaking hand from showing as he handed Hotch a handkerchief. “Here, wipe the blood off.”

“Thanks.” Hotch accepted the linen cloth but didn’t look up at his Top. If he did, he knew he would begin to cry. What he wanted more than anything right now is to be taken into Rossi’s arms to stop his body from shaking. Unfortunately, with Strauss hanging around, that was impossible.

“Fine, now that you have yourself somewhat cleaned up, what do you say we go back to the station so we can wrap up this case?” Her voice was cold and unsympathetic as she turned on her heels only to stop in mid-stride to look at Hotch over her shoulder. “Oh and by the way, Agent Hotchner, please do us a favor and zip up before you leave the alley.”

Hotch felt his face turn red in both anger and embarrassment. Silently he did what he was told. Rossi put a comforting arm around his shoulder as they walked back to the SUV. “You sure you’re okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Hell no, I’ve sustained worse beatings than this. I’ll be fine. Let’s just get back to the station and get our final report done as quickly as possible so I can get back to the hotel and soak in a hot tub.”

“Sounds like a plan. But before you go slipping into that hot water, you and I have another matter to take care of.”

‘Dave, come on. I’m injured and besides, I got the un-sub. Surely you’re not still considering carrying out my punishment now?”

“Like you said, you’re not that badly injured and yes, I am not only considering it, I’m going to do it. Now if you know what’s good for you, close that mouth of yours, stop your arguing, and get in the car.”

Strauss noticed how quiet Hotchner was all the way back to the station but kept her observation to herself. The report took about 45 minutes to complete. After the thank-you and good-byes were said, everyone left for the hotel for a few hours shut eye before departing for DC. Usually they would fly back right after the case was closed, but the jet was being refitted with a new part so they were laid over for the night.


Rossi waited until he knew Hotch was in his room before unlocking the door that separated their rooms. He found Hotch waiting for him in the easy chair by the window. He saw Hotch’s Adam’s apple bob up and down in dread as he spotted the paddle in Rossi’s hand.

“You….you packed the paddle?” he asked in a shaky voice.

“You bet I did. Now I want you to get up, remove your jeans and undershorts then lean over the back of that armchair please. I will not ask again.”

Hearing that familiar tone in Rossi’s voice, Hotch knew his goose was cooked. Without further arguments or stall tactics, he did as he was told.

Rossi took up his position behind his Brat, placed his left hand on the younger man’s back then raised his right hand.

Hotch gave out a moan as the first blow made contact with bare skin. He jumped and groaned at each contact. His rear cheeks began to burn as wood hit skin almost at the same time as his facial cheeks began to burn and tears fell from his eyes.

“Tell me why I had to use the paddle on you, Aaron?”

“I deliberately and without thought or respect, disobeyed a direct order from you.”

“That’s partly it. What’s the other part?” Rossi asked as two more slaps reined down.

“I lied and deceived you.”

“That’s right. And……”

“I put my life at risk.”

“Very good,” Rossi stated as he gave Hotch’s red and blistering backside four more wallops.

Hotch’s legs began to give way with the pain of each slap. He laid his head down on the headrest and began to weep. Loud sobs shook his body and cries of “I’m sorry….please stop” escaped from his lips.

Rossi threw the paddle down and turned Hotch around for an embrace. “There, there, my love. It’s all over. It’s okay, cry it all out.”

Hotch clung to his Top for about twenty minutes.

When Rossi figured the tears were starting to subside, he led Hotch to the front of the chair so he could sit and pull Hotch onto his knees.

The two men sat there in silence. Hotch had his head on Rossi’s shoulder, while Rossi had his arms tightly wrapped around Hotch’s waist.

Breaking the silence Rossi stated, “Okay, Aaron, when we get back home you’re to write a five page essay on the consequences of dishonesty. It’s to be in long hand, not typed, and it has to be letter perfect, no graphical errors and your writing better be legible. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now why don’t we take that bath you mentioned earlier?”

“That sounds great.”

As they walked into the bathroom together and Rossi began preparing the bath, Hotch knew all was forgiven. After the bath, they cuddled together for a while. Then after a hot passionate session of love making, fell asleep in each other’s arms.


On the jet the next day, Hotch was finishing up the paperwork when Strauss approached him. Without being invited, she sat across from him. “Agent Hotchner….Aaron….I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye, but I want you to know you did a great job out there.”

“Thank you, Ma’am. I appreciate your honesty.”

“Fine! Now, I hope you don’t mind filling out this form for me.” She handed him an official government looking document. He noticed after scanning the text that it was an evaluation form about her work in the field and that it was addressed to the Director. It was already filled out and all Hotch had to do, was sign it.

“Ma’am, I can’t honestly sign this form.”

“And why the hell not?” she bristled

“I didn’t fill it out. I will be more that happy to send an evaluation report to the Director about your conduct in the field with my own comments.”

“Are you saying you don’t agree with everything I put down there?”

“I didn’t say that, Ma’am. What I am saying, is that I refuse to sign anything that is already filled out.”

“Fine! Never mind, I’ll give him my report without this form but I want you to know I won’t forget your unwillingness to cooperate with me.”

“Ma’am, as I stated I am more than willing….”

“Forget it, Agent,” Strauss sneered as she stood up, grabbing the form out of Hotch’s hand at the same time. She stomped away in a huff, mumbling under her breath and almost knocking Rossi over as he made his way down the aisle to join Hotch.

“What the hell was that all about?” he asked.

“She wanted me to do a dishonest thing, but I’ve learned my lesson about being dishonest and deceitful.” Hotch smiled as he positioned himself to relieve some of the still burning sensation in his butt.

Rossi smiled as he commented, “Remind me to go shopping for a crown when we get back.”

“A crown? Whatever for?”

“Next week is Strauss’s birthday and I’m going to buy her the crown she most dearly deserves as ‘Queen of the Bitches’.”

They shared a laugh together as the jet made its way back to DC where Hotch was sure another case awaited them.

The End